How to earn money with your blog

Make Money online Blogging

¿How to earn money with your blog?

More than one considers that the life of travel bloggers is ideal: they take a walk, post something on social networks and make money from it.

However, like any other job it has disadvantages and before you quit your job, here I explain some of the ways in which a blog can be profitable and what the general scenario is like.


The first thing you have to know is that a blog can make you money. But not so much! or at least not the amounts that many of those who contact me imagine.

Everything will depend on your business plan and the different ways you choose to monetize your project.

Here are the main ways to make money with a blog.


Earn money by blogging adsence

  • Payment for advertising from systems like Google AdSense.It is about the advertising that appears on your website, however you do not contact the advertiser, for this there is a third party that serves as a link between content creators and advertisers.


On your website the advertising that you consider the platform that is the most appropriate for your audience will appear and depending on the type and the response you have, the money you earn because it appears varies.

earn money with affiliate


  • Payment to be an affiliate
    By being an affiliate, you receive a commission for each sale made through your website. You choose which programs you are interested in working with, everything will depend on the profile of your website and your target audience.


earn money with  youtube


  • Pay for YouTube video views
    Just consider that in order to start making money you have to have a minimum number of watched videos, so it is not something instantaneous.


He also considers that it is not worth the same to see someone from the United States as from Latin America, so the earnings can vary a lot from one vloger to another.


earn money with  business


  • Profit from parallel businesses
    Also consider that a blog can be the showcase for parallel businesses: consulting on the subject of your blog or some other service. You can also earn money by selling books, courses … Also if a company or organization likes your work, they may end up hiring you for a job or project.


Errors when wanting to make money with a blog?
These are just alternatives, but there are many more.

However, unless you become the next YouTube star or a very popular website, the truth is that the money that will come in at the beginning will not be to leave your job and travel first class around the world.


Never rely on the money other bloggers earn to estimate your earnings, since the scenario between one project and another can vary greatly:


some work with agencies, others are aimed at an audience that the internet considers “more valuable” due to its purchasing power and, therefore, they can earn more than others for a similar job, some bet more on a social network than others, and thus there are many factors to consider.


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